Sean Bean (sean_bean006) wrote in ac_lotr_crew,
Sean Bean

Well am part ways drunk so thought I would post up this chat, to cheer up Lij seeing he are feeling ill, a few stupid things each of us said may well cheer the bugger up.

xElijahxJx (10:41:41 PM): -phone-

Bean at AC (10:43:40 PM): -answers lazily, smoking a fag so his voice is slightly muffled- ello?

xElijahxJx (10:44:01 PM): Hi -a little bit exuberant-

Bean at AC (10:45:38 PM): umm you're sounding right cheerful -laughs-

xElijahxJx (10:46:28 PM): Miranda and i are putting together a dance party in the biggest suite in the plaza!

Bean at AC (10:47:15 PM): -bursts out laughing- oh aye are that so? I thought her were in aus mate?

xElijahxJx (10:47:37 PM): No, shes in new york

Bean at AC (10:48:24 PM): Ah right -grins- well I are in ... London -laughs-

xElijahxJx (10:48:40 PM): Come to new york!
xElijahxJx (10:49:02 PM): -is obviously quite enthralled by the idea of a party in the plaza-

Bean at AC (10:50:56 PM): -laughs- mate I can't but aye maybe livvie will?

xElijahxJx (10:51:46 PM): Alright -pouts and takes a picture of it and sends it-

Bean at AC (10:54:57 PM): -groans loudly- mate why do I get the pouting picture that are ... bloody emotional black mail lyou do know that aye?

xElijahxJx (10:55:27 PM): -giggles- Its a hobbits best freind

Bean at AC (10:56:08 PM): umm well when are this party then mate? -laughs-

xElijahxJx (10:56:37 PM): sometime later this week... were still plannning the date, but not overlapping doms party

Bean at AC (10:58:18 PM): Aye well we'll see as long as I'm in london for new years eve mate

xElijahxJx (10:58:33 PM): Yup and as long as im in hawaii
xElijahxJx (10:58:42 PM): or whereever dom drags us hobbits off to

Bean at AC (10:58:57 PM): -grins- not made up his mind yet then?
xElijahxJx (10:59:13 PM): I'm not sure, i keep forgetting to ask... i should find out though
Bean at AC (11:00:17 PM): You should mate -laughs- for if you're not you're bloody well going to end up in the wrong place

xElijahxJx (11:00:43 PM): And be eaten alive by fan girls hiding there for me
xElijahxJx (11:06:20 PM): sneaking.....

Bean at AC (11:07:30 PM): Well yeah ...-laughs- do they still do that then? I thought all your fan girls were in the 10 to 13 age range

xElijahxJx (11:07:52 PM): Yea, they have alot of willpower

Bean at AC (11:10:05 PM): they have a lot of other stuff too ... damn creepy fans that age m ate -laughs-

xElijahxJx (11:10:46 PM): .... its worse for orli though, you should see one of his fansites

Bean at AC (11:11:16 PM): -laughs- dont look at any of them mate, bloody too creepy someone think it were gary sent me to one of mine that were enough for me

xElijahxJx (11:12:04 PM): Oh, i don't even want to know aobu tyours.... i found a bunch of pictures from wehn i was about six.. weird... but hten i was a child actor so they were pretty easy to come by

Bean at AC (11:12:51 PM): Believe me mate I wish I didnt know about them too -laughs- bloody right load of weird people there are out there

xElijahxJx (11:14:45 PM): Yea
xElijahxJx (11:14:47 PM): there are
xElijahxJx (11:15:27 PM): -shudders-

Bean at AC (11:17:08 PM): I could do you realize it hear you shuddering down the phone mate, that are bloody weird too

xElijahxJx (11:17:34 PM): Yea... you sound alot clearer than a minute ago too

Bean at AC (11:24:06 PM): Umm why have you cleaned your ears then? -laughs teasinly-

xElijahxJx (11:24:38 PM): -says defeintly - N... yes... no... None of your busness
xElijahxJx (11:24:51 PM): my ears are always clean

Bean at AC (11:27:16 PM): Oh like hell they are -laughs- are you wigglign a finger in one a them now?

xElijahxJx (11:27:40 PM): No! -angry voice- I am not!

Bean at AC (11:28:42 PM): hmm so just what exactly are you up to then eh? -laughs-

xElijahxJx (11:29:56 PM): I'm sitting on the couch

Bean at AC (11:31:10 PM): ah doing what though as that explains bugger all mate -laughs-

xElijahxJx (11:31:30 PM): staring at the ceiling

Bean at AC (11:32:45 PM): now that do sound right interesting -laughs- why may I be asking?

xElijahxJx (11:33:09 PM): because i have nothing better to do and i'm thinking of maybe painting it

Bean at AC (11:34:47 PM): oh I see -chuckles- well painting are always a good thing to be doing to pass the time ... but aye not too good if you're in a hotel room mate

xElijahxJx (11:35:10 PM): -shrugs- if you paint the ceiling hows anyone going to notice?

Bean at AC (11:35:55 PM): because mate ... if you paint it blue wi'glittering stars on it and it were white they tend to notice these things

xElijahxJx (11:36:52 PM): ... cool... blue with glitter stars... i like that idea

Bean at AC (11:38:25 PM): dont do it mate -chuckles- they'll sue your ass

xElijahxJx (11:39:00 PM): Its my apartment

Bean at AC (11:39:41 PM): oh in that case -laughs- aye go ahead mate should look right grand that

xElijahxJx (11:41:23 PM): Yes, But i might just half paint it and then get bored and forget

Bean at AC (11:41:53 PM): then -laughs- I'll finish it off for you when I'm there mate, didnt go to art college for nothing you know

xElijahxJx (11:42:33 PM): went to art college?

Bean at AC (11:43:07 PM): aye you silly sod ... before I went to RADA

xElijahxJx (11:43:20 PM): Rada?

Bean at AC (11:45:02 PM): Aye mate, the top art and drama school in the uk? -laughs- then I got meself into the RSC

xElijahxJx (11:46:15 PM): yea.. i know what that is -looks around- Um.. well... i was a child star

Bean at AC (11:46:49 PM): aye I do know that -laughs-

xElijahxJx (11:52:44 PM): Yes.... -tries to think of other accomplishments- i was.. um.. frodo

Bean at AC (11:53:29 PM): -smiles- lij what are this a list of what us have both been in or something?

xElijahxJx (11:53:52 PM): I don't know...

Bean at AC (11:55:06 PM): or me -laughs- should we be startign all over again then?

xElijahxJx (11:55:27 PM): Sure, hello sean, htis is elijah

Bean at AC (11:56:02 PM): Hello Elijah -grins- this Sean its a pleasure to be hearing from you mate
xElijahxJx (11:56:54 PM): Pleasure to be hearing from you -starts into an aristocratic accent- hooowever have you beeen -been is prononced like bean-
Bean at AC (11:58:54 PM): -cracks up slightly and tries to stop laughing only laughing more- umm I have been rather splendidly alright old beannnnnn
xElijahxJx (12:00:04 AM): Splendid, simply splendid, How is england this time of year
Bean at AC (12:01:42 AM): England is jolly good old fellow, the weather is a tad on the cold side but otherwise what oh jolly jolly good, and how about over the pond in the big apple
xElijahxJx (12:03:21 AM): Its brilliant, absolutely brilliant, really it is -sounds a bit like holly golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's- I just con't get over this snow, really i con't
Bean at AC (12:05:07 AM): You con't? Oh gosh ... well in that case sweetie darling ... its absolutely not fabulous at all
xElijahxJx (12:05:31 AM): -wrinkles nose- Sweetie darling?
xElijahxJx (12:05:55 AM): ... you just called my sweetie darling
Bean at AC (12:09:46 AM): I did isn't it fabulous sweetie -laughing like hell- I mean darlingggg why hold back and use glum words like RING BOI
xElijahxJx (12:11:15 AM): -laughs- Weeeell daarling, i truly couldn't tell you, i just couldn't, i haven't the faintest what were talking about anymore
Bean at AC (12:12:33 AM): Nor do I sweetie but its darrrrrrling that we can talk this way about ABOSOLUTELY nothing at all and still be jolly old chums and chortle merrily woot woot?
xElijahxJx (12:13:49 AM): Abosolutely right darling, superb, i still haven't the foggiest, but i expect i could talk like this all day!
Bean at AC (12:14:57 AM): I think so too sweetie, its absolutly the finest way of chatting, doting on ones chums telling them how splendidly wonderful they are and how completely and totally awesome oneself is
xElijahxJx (12:16:32 AM): Really it is, no silly vulgar language, only the most fabulously highclass bits. Woot woot?
Bean at AC (12:17:26 AM): Woot woot indeedie, oh my golly gosh one should talk like this more often, as one needs to be talking about oneself in a different perspective woot?
xElijahxJx (12:19:39 AM): -starts to laughs, trying his very best to keep talking that way- Righto! Its quiet nice having a civilized conversation old chap. Lovely, just lovely. Makes you feel so distinguished it does
Bean at AC (12:21:20 AM): It does and one never quite truly knows when one may need to talk in quite this splendidly and most polite way does one? One must remember also while drinking tea to raise the pinkie finger too
xElijahxJx (12:21:45 AM): -starts to giggle out of control-

Bean at AC (12:23:11 AM): -tries to keep a straight face and waffle on some more but creases up and hoots with laughter-

xElijahxJx (12:23:36 AM): sweetie darling?!?! -he giggles-

Bean at AC (12:28:58 AM): darling sweetie! Mwuahhhhhhhhhh -chuckles blowing kisses down the phone- ohhh so splendidly gay and amorous it is to be kissing ones good friends down the cell phone

xElijahxJx (12:29:35 AM): Oh, Sean I had no idea you felt that way! - he says pretending to giggle shyly-

Bean at AC (12:30:53 AM): You didn't? Well my my ... goodness gracious me and why didnt you, you silly little goose -trying not to laugh- you should know that lovvvvveeeee you most passionately darling you are my dream in walking talking reality

xElijahxJx (12:31:26 AM): Oh Sean, your making me blush! -giggles-

Bean at AC (12:33:36 AM): Am I? WOOT! Darling! Please say this isnt so ... I should dash out and dive off of London Bridge for making you blush I am indeed a most terrible person -chuckling come the end-

xElijahxJx (12:34:41 AM): Oh, Sean you'd do that for me? I feel flattered, simply flattered! -giggles again- Your more than a hobbit could ever, ever ever ever ask for!
Bean at AC (12:36:37 AM): I am? Oh no no simply no I say, it should be I that are flattered that you my darling sweetie would ever take time out to talk to such a lowly smelly human as I, I will cover the street in rose petals for you to tread your dainty little hairy hobbit feet upon
xElijahxJx (12:37:54 AM): Would you? Would you? Thats simply lovely really it is! Your spoiling me! -is giggling harder- ((god there crazy rofl))
Bean at AC (12:39:50 AM): I would darling I would .. give me a hint you desire me as I desire you and I'll be off ... on jet directly to claim your wonderful and sublime hobbity heart -trying his best not to splutter out in laughter- [rofl they are but its funny lmao!]
xElijahxJx (12:41:12 AM): Oh! And i would be waiting, right at the wonderfully silly little terminal to greet you saying "Sean! Your finally here! Oh how i've missed you!"
xElijahxJx (12:41:20 AM): ((lmao, it is!))
Bean at AC (12:42:55 AM): Would you? Would you darling? I should be simply streaming with tears at that point, oh my I must get a silky hankie and sniffle into it darling sweetiepie beloved hobbit
xElijahxJx (12:43:55 AM): And i would simply leap into your arms, really i would. Oh, but sean, I'm blushing! Your simply spoiling me! Really you are!
Bean at AC (12:45:45 AM): Oh darling! You move me to tears you simply simply do! I can't no no, I must fan my face and gulp in glorious amounts of air to stop myself from hyperventaliting realizing you too share these emotions oh my my!
xElijahxJx (12:46:45 AM): Oh! I'm not sure if i can survive without my seaniepoo beside me! I think i might faint! Really I might! I'm all a flutter
Bean at AC (12:47:47 AM): My heart darling is pulpatating I tell you simply pulpatating in delight! Oh my I think it missed a beat there I realllllly reallllllly do
xElijahxJx (12:49:49 AM): Darling! I feel faint! -fans himself with the phone- I now musti send you pictures of me, really i must -sends about twenty random dramatic poses of himself looking faint-
xElijahxJx (12:50:02 AM): -and wistful-
Bean at AC (12:52:31 AM): Oh my gosh oh gosh darling! I'm swooning simply swooning here ... I must get them all printed out I simply must and have them adorning my bedroom wall
xElijahxJx (12:53:47 AM): -throws in a few pouting ones for good measure- They'll never compete with the pictures i have of you seanie... the really can't. What are you wearing? ((lol, i just had ot say that rofl))
Bean at AC (12:56:35 AM): I'm wearing my armani suit darling sweetie beloved the one I wore for the troy premierre how I wish I were wearing nothing but your sweet sweet kisses -trying is best to sound deadly serious-
Bean at AC (12:56:46 AM): [rofl sorry but had to come back with that one too lmao!]
xElijahxJx (12:58:36 AM): Oh, darling, your simply slaying me, really you are. What a poor hobbit to do without his Seanie bean? -says in a pouty voice- I just can't live without you really i can't. I just don't know wha tto do! -says dramatically-
Bean at AC (1:00:07 AM): Oh darlinggggg! I need to fling myself out the window I do ... I just do I can't abide having to live like this without you beside me I ... I just I simply con't!
xElijahxJx (1:01:41 AM): I con't either! What are we to do! Two love struck boys! I think i may go mad! I really may!
Bean at AC (1:02:19 AM): I'm crying darling, crying I tell you, why yes tears are simply streaming diown my face they are darling can you hear them?
xElijahxJx (1:03:27 AM): Yes, darling, i can hear htem! I'm growing sickly! I cannot stand it any longer! Good bye cruel world! -takes a picture of himself with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out-
Bean at AC (1:04:27 AM): Oh darling no ... no our unrequited love can't end this way, sweetie ... sweetie talk to me, don't make me live a life full of fear darling? Darling are you there!
xElijahxJx (1:05:26 AM): Sean... i... i can't see anything... sean, i can hear you -says in a faint whisper into the phone- the worlds turning black sean! I'm scared, really i am!
Bean at AC (1:07:01 AM): NO DARLING ... darling sweetie listen to my voice let it guide you out of the darkness and into my warm embrace darling are you listening to me are you hmm are you?
xElijahxJx (1:08:27 AM): Sean! I... I... I feel so faint.. i.... -falls off the couch and takes a picture of himself fallen off the couch sprawled on teh floor- I can't live without you! Really i can't!!!!!
Bean at AC (1:09:45 AM): Really sweetie do you mean that really? -talking in a fast panicked sounding voice, the laughter lurkign beneath the surface- darling I can't live with out you either I simply con'tttt lets make a pact to never love another as long as we both doth live ... darling darling are you listenign to me darling?
xElijahxJx (1:11:05 AM): I... i.... agree, but... i may not live much longer sean. I'm simply pining.
Bean at AC (1:12:18 AM): Pinning no darling not the pinning ... -makes hysterical sobbing noises down the cell- moi also sweetie darling cherub can you not feel the pinining coming down the telephone line?
xElijahxJx (1:13:17 AM): I can't feel ... I can't feel my soul sean... somethings happened! I... I... guh -pretends to be dead-
Bean at AC (1:15:07 AM): NO! -shrieks down the phone- oh woe is me I must now silently leave this life, I must soar the life beyond and search your sweet sweet soul out for now i drink poison yes poison -makes a loud gulping noise and gurgles loudly- i'm dying simply dying darling farewell cruel worlddddddddd
xElijahxJx (1:15:41 AM): -take a couple pictures of "dead" lij, before cracking up-
Bean at AC (1:16:32 AM): -finds a rose in the hotel room crumples it up and puts it on his chest one hand over it playing dead sending a picture back to him- dead I'm dead I tell you simply and utterly deaddddd
xElijahxJx (1:17:19 AM): Oh! WOE IS ME!
Bean at AC (1:18:15 AM): woe woe is the anceint soul that travels on and never finds a home, oh woe indeed this shallow form to dither around in eternity and never find its hobbity soul mate
xElijahxJx (1:19:24 AM): -sobbing that sounds almost real comes over the phone-
Bean at AC (1:20:29 AM): WOE ALAS! My hobbit I hear thine distant sobs do thee calleth to me from thine grave!
xElijahxJx (1:22:49 AM): The exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine!
Bean at AC (1:23:51 AM): Oh darling you talketh to me over thy ghostly divide let us run and embrace in our outbodily forms gayly I say into each others arms -finally creasing up in laughter and falling off of his chair-
xElijahxJx (1:24:12 AM): -laughs and takes more dead lij pictures-
Bean at AC (1:25:13 AM): I see your poor pale form tis haunting I say hauntingly subtle in its death throws ... I shall wander the earth a formless shade I tell you I shalllll
xElijahxJx (1:25:44 AM): Parting is such sweet sorrow
Bean at AC (1:26:19 AM): there is no such thing as parting niegh I say neigh once joined never to be parted
xElijahxJx (1:27:29 AM): I do not long to speak; I long to die!
Bean at AC (1:29:43 AM): you ... you long to die oh my that is simply poeticly astonding my ghostly hobbity love
xElijahxJx (1:30:06 AM): Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace!

xElijahxJx (1:31:07 AM): And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.

Bean at AC (1:32:12 AM): I died to hear your words, and when I heard them and understood so I died that little bit more, now death is simply not enough to shade me from your sweet sweet honestly death is never the reward one seeks but is until it takes us
xElijahxJx (1:37:40 AM): Is there no pity sitting in the clouds
That sees into the bottom of my grief?

Bean at AC (1:39:43 AM): grief is that brief feeling of loss that all feel but seldom let go when really it is a grey bird whose wings must spread and should fly as quickly and as fully away from hearts the moment it has been tasted fully
Bean at AC (1:39:57 AM): [they're both totaly insane]
xElijahxJx (1:40:14 AM): (( i know! I'm reading romeo and juliet for this lol))
Bean at AC (1:40:27 AM): [rofl i'm just making it up LOLOLOL!]
xElijahxJx (1:42:55 AM): ((hold on lol))
Bean at AC (1:43:32 AM): [rofl kk lmao]
xElijahxJx (1:47:54 AM): ((ok, back)) I leave htis world, with hopes that one day, we shall meet again. In starlight sky or murky sea, our hearts will pull us towards each other. If ner am i blessed with your presence, then i bid you my love. ((that i did make up))
Bean at AC (1:50:01 AM): this world, I hear your soul cry out, this world this world this world, what of this world if you no longer walk upon it, what of this world this cruel world that no longer holds your countenance, it is bleak and offers nothing but faded memories of love once held now lost
Bean at AC (1:50:15 AM): [ah haha your made up stuff is better than mine LOLOL!]
xElijahxJx (1:50:47 AM): ((lol, mines not very good, yours is much better lol))
Bean at AC (1:51:33 AM): [flmao no its totally off the wall splurge rofl its a pity they dont have an ac aim we should post hteir stupid conversations rofl]
xElijahxJx (1:52:17 AM): ((rofl, they dont? they should))
Bean at AC (1:52:54 AM): [i dont know i dont think so rofl as still rolling up in laughter, that they're both playing dead and waffling bad poetry to one another]
xElijahxJx (1:55:18 AM): Sean! Sean! I doth protest your sadness, do not pine for me, for i am gone, not to return. Someday, we may pass, someday as strangers. Our head shall turn, only to aknolodge the other, our hearts shed a single tear.
Bean at AC (1:56:52 AM): My heart my darling Elijah has turned to stone, for thine fair visage shall never agian adorn my eyes, your eyes filled with love never again to be looking into mine, lifes meaning lost as one heart stopped beating another followed
xElijahxJx (1:57:58 AM): My own heart, crushed like spinned glass under a horses hoves, sparkles in the sunlight, its peices taken up by the wind
Bean at AC (1:59:08 AM): forlorn lost hope, lays wasted upon the ground my tears washed away as they stained my face in death, cleansed and cleaned but always there to be seen by those with eyes that want to see
xElijahxJx (2:00:46 AM): my life has been taken, a cloud in a breeze, swept away
Bean at AC (2:01:36 AM): -breaks out into a candle in the wind, actually singing in kety for a change-
xElijahxJx (2:01:45 AM): -sobs-
Bean at AC (2:02:19 AM): -sniffles before mumbling- Lij ... I think I need to go and eat actually -and then laughs-
xElijahxJx (2:02:35 AM): -laughs- alright! LEave!
Bean at AC (2:03:37 AM): -grins like hell- and promise not a word of your love, not to a single soul for none would understand it
xElijahxJx (2:04:15 AM): -takes a picture of himeslf beign dramatic- ok
Bean at AC (2:04:53 AM): -chuckles out- oh you must cut this out or I shall have to break into prose once more
xElijahxJx (2:05:20 AM): -starts making obnoxious faces into the camera/phone-
Bean at AC (2:06:32 AM): that is so devastingly attractive -teases out- you should pose for vogue like that
xElijahxJx (2:06:43 AM): That i should
Bean at AC (2:07:23 AM): you should and maybe ... oh my god my text has grown up!
xElijahxJx (2:07:35 AM): what?
Bean at AC (2:07:54 AM): umm nothing mate I were sending text messages and my font got big
xElijahxJx (2:08:26 AM): -laughs-
xElijahxJx (2:12:16 AM): -takes a picture of himself sticking out his tongue-
xElijahxJx (2:12:35 AM): i'm guessing you have enought to wallpaper your room now?
Bean at AC (2:13:57 AM): Umm not quite i need a few more this will cover the bed wall ... I need some for over by the double wardrobes too
xElijahxJx (2:14:33 AM): ah, well -takes about 20 more just random pictures of himself-
Bean at AC (2:16:01 AM): Can I make a few of these life sized then? -asks teasingly-
xElijahxJx (2:16:28 AM): Do as you will, my life departs from this body
Bean at AC (2:17:59 AM): Still ... then place this phone to your lips, as your last breath departs let me breath it in, breath in the last part of you that dwells upon this land
xElijahxJx (2:18:44 AM): -makes a wooshing sound into teh phone-
Bean at AC (2:20:23 AM): -gulps and makes a deep sucking noise- I take the last residual pieces of you unto me I live with your last lifes breath burning inside of me for ever moreeee
xElijahxJx (2:21:44 AM): -wait a few seconds before taking more pictures-
xElijahxJx (2:24:37 AM): bloop
Bean at AC (2:27:01 AM): [hehe sorry my fingers are cold rofl!]
xElijahxJx (2:27:19 AM): ((lol, my rooms wicked freezing))
Bean at AC (2:27:37 AM): [rofl i'll be back i need a blanket rofl]
xElijahxJx (2:28:18 AM): ((lol, ok))
Bean at AC (2:55:22 AM): [ergh sorry that took me so long]
xElijahxJx (2:55:32 AM): ((its fine, get a blanket?))
Bean at AC (2:55:47 AM): [lmao yeah and a cup of capucino rofl]
xElijahxJx (2:55:58 AM): ((rofl wonderful))
Bean at AC (2:56:13 AM): [well it warms zee fingers when holding?! yes yes rofl]
Bean at AC (2:56:43 AM): these pictures -starting to mock sob down the cell- these pictures ... lij they are so prrreciousss to me
xElijahxJx (2:57:22 AM): -starts singing you are so beautiful to me-
Bean at AC (2:58:32 AM): -bursts into loud sobbing sounds- my eyes ... my eyes won't stop leakinggggggg
xElijahxJx (3:00:27 AM): can't you seeeeee your everyhting i hoped for, everything i dreeeaaamed!
Bean at AC (3:01:30 AM): oh god ... watch out breaking into song ... your once ... twice three times a hobbit to meeeee
xElijahxJx (3:02:15 AM): -giggles uncontrollably-
Bean at AC (3:04:12 AM): -roars in laughter hearing his giggling- god lij ... seriously though I love you so much ... so much I could feed you after ... midnight
xElijahxJx (3:04:38 AM): then i become insane and destroy the house
Bean at AC (3:05:15 AM): aye but lij ... see it from my stand point I get to watch all that cute hobbity rage and destruction going on
xElijahxJx (3:09:00 AM): IS that cute?
Bean at AC (3:09:48 AM): very cute ... oh yes
xElijahxJx (3:10:13 AM): tearing your whole house to peices
Bean at AC (3:10:54 AM): yes but its the hobbity cute angery aspect about it all
xElijahxJx (3:12:06 AM): what about after the bloody cute anger
Bean at AC (3:13:10 AM): that are it mate, its a rare cute thing to be seeing indeed makes a person go all warm inside
Bean at AC (3:13:27 AM): oh after it? It's chasing you around to make you tidy up
xElijahxJx (3:13:43 AM): Ah ha ha, you will not
Bean at AC (3:15:43 AM): hohohoho I will so mate
xElijahxJx (3:16:02 AM): ha haha, will not, you can't make me
Bean at AC (3:16:32 AM): hehehehe oh yes I can I'm bigger than you
xElijahxJx (3:16:52 AM): neeeeheehehehehehehe, nope, your not going to make me
Bean at AC (3:18:20 AM): nananananananabooboo I will so ... because -whispering- I loveeeeeeeee you I want to kisssssssssss you I want to huggggggggggggg you
xElijahxJx (3:18:37 AM): and call me george?
Bean at AC (3:19:00 AM): umm yes actually how did you guess?
xElijahxJx (3:20:01 AM): I watch tv sometiems -laughs-
Bean at AC (3:21:47 AM): -grins- ah bugger got me there, fine but actually you're not quite as cute as bugs
xElijahxJx (3:24:24 AM): whats up doc?
Bean at AC (3:26:08 AM): a carrot thats up and aye other things that are slightly carrot shaped end up ... upl
xElijahxJx (3:31:58 AM): what?
Bean at AC (3:36:20 AM): up -laughs- large things go up?
xElijahxJx (3:37:24 AM): I shall destroy the house and you'll never catch me! -runs around like a maniac, not realizing hes in his own house anyway-
Bean at AC (3:38:23 AM): [ROFL!!!!!!!!!]
Bean at AC (3:38:48 AM): oh aye really? Can I watch as small beads of perspiration break out over your brow and coo at your evil antics then?
xElijahxJx (3:39:50 AM): Why not! your house will be destroy, left a pile of rubble!
Bean at AC (3:42:27 AM): will it -grins and as he doesnt have a house at the moment is highly amused- then best you start stomping mate
xElijahxJx (3:43:28 AM): -looks around at his pretty much destroyed house anyway because he doesn't clean so much and goes- hey.....
xElijahxJx (3:43:32 AM): this is my house
Bean at AC (3:44:33 AM): aye i were wondering when you'd realize that -laughs- remember me dont have no house, big bad bean left emma in house?
xElijahxJx (3:46:56 AM): -pouts- get a house so i can wreck havoc
Bean at AC (3:47:13 AM): umm let me think about that ... no -laughs-
xElijahxJx (3:47:25 AM): -whines- but beeeaaaan
Bean at AC (3:48:07 AM): but nothing mate -laughs- nothign at all
xElijahxJx (3:52:23 AM): -pouts and takes a picture of an extreme hobbit pout-
Bean at AC (3:53:52 AM): I'm melting mate at the sight of the hobbit cuteness totally bloody metling -chuckles-
xElijahxJx (3:54:11 AM): So, you'll buy a house for me to trash?
Bean at AC (3:55:31 AM): No I bloody well won't -laughs- you've your own house to trash
xElijahxJx (3:57:43 AM): Yea, see, thats already done
Bean at AC (3:58:18 AM): Then ... I'll send some cleaners around and have it smartened up so you can trash it over eh?
xElijahxJx (3:59:15 AM): They'd mess up my organization
Bean at AC (3:59:46 AM): what organization are that hmm? Thought everything were smashed mate
xElijahxJx (4:02:31 AM): It is, but i know where everything is most of the time
Bean at AC (4:03:47 AM): umm really -mumbles- then you're a better man than me mate, I never know where bugger all are
xElijahxJx (4:04:29 AM): -wrinkles his brow- how do you find things, no wonder you haven't been able to get the ring yet
Bean at AC (4:08:34 AM): -laughs- i just dont find things mate, normally .. well normally Emma would have found whatever for me
xElijahxJx (4:08:56 AM): Ah, but not the ring haha
Bean at AC (4:15:10 AM): no this is true but one day little hobbit it shall be mine
xElijahxJx (4:15:36 AM): I have samwise now, i am protected , sam would kill you if you try anything
Bean at AC (4:16:14 AM): Sam ...-eyes darting around shiftily- we 'ates the fat hobbitses we do we hates itttt take it awayyyyyy
xElijahxJx (4:16:47 AM): -wrinkles his nose- Gollum?
Bean at AC (4:17:53 AM): prrreciousss -whispers down the cell- it burnssss keep the fat one away from us masssterrr
xElijahxJx (4:18:03 AM): snap out of it
Bean at AC (4:19:11 AM): *gollummm gollummm* -chokes out and spits up a hair ball or sounds like it- umm what were us talking about then?
xElijahxJx (4:25:08 AM): .... you went crazy
xElijahxJx (4:25:18 AM): you went gollum on me back there

Aye well due to being too drunk to care about sorting it all out, umm its there.
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